Monday, July 30, 2012

Manic Monday: Madelyne

Shirt: Shabby Apple/ Skirt: GAP/ Earrings: Downeast home/
Shoes: DSW/ Suitcase: Vintage

My brain rarely functions on a Monday I am starting "Manic Monday" where some of my favorite people can feature how THEY like to dress! To start off our series we have Madels, AKA my sister, and of course, the bangles original music video, manic monday. How could this post be complete without it? 
I know this was out of her comfort zone but doesn't she look fabulous!? Take it away Madels...

HELLO! For those of you who don't know me, dressing up and posing for pictures is not one of my everyday activities. I am definitely the kind of girl that loves pony tails and t-shirts, along with goofy poses and silly faces, so this my blogger people, shows what a great friend I am! Ok, just kidding, it was actually pretty fun, but when Mal asked me to be on her blog, I was definitely nervous. To ease my fears, I went with one of my favorite, simple, dressed-up outfits. Once I was dressed, we stole one of my mom's vintage suitcases and headed for the mountains. As always, It's an adventure with me and Mal. She's trying to get me to not look so awkward while I'm trying to balance on a wobbly suitcase while surrounded by weeds and the stance looks of mountain goers who were passing by. I'm sure it appeared as quite the circus act. But that's just our friendship for ya! Thanks for reading!

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