Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Sunshine: Coloring Books aren't Just for Little Kids

As I sat in church today I noticed two little girls coloring in their coloring books. I had a moment. I so badly wanted to color in that magical coloring book of princesses. However, being the "mature" young adult that I am I resisted my urge and sat and pondered my wacky thoughts instead.
I thought about life. And why I wasn't smart enough to bring a coloring book to church. But mostly life.
 When we are young, we are free to imagine and dream whatever we desire. I for one dreamed of being a cashier at a grocery store as well as a professional manikin. (I dreamed big) But as we grow older others tell us we aren't good enough, that our dreams don't make sense. Eventually, we have not a drop of magical dust left in our little souls. And I think that is a pity. 
God wants us to be everything thing that we can be, everything that we want to be. So be it.
Because coloring books aren't just for little kids.

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