Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Hole and The Underwear Man.

Top: J. crew (sale)/ Skirt: J.crew (sale)/ Necklace: J. crew Belt: J. crew /Shoes: Zara /
Face: Original

Apparently I am liking J. crew??? What an ugly store. On another note I am also loving finding nude men changing in the woods. (In a very non creeper way-thus the reason I took a "discrete" picture) Watch out Draper...there is an underwear man on the loose in the woods.
 And yet another random ramble there is a hole in my shirt. But as you can see above I just modeled it awkward style. Maybe the armpit hole will become a trend...which practically it should be. It gets so hot in the summer in Utah that holes in the armpits could be quite breezy and refreshing!
May your day too be filled with underwear and armpit holes!

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