Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Sunshine: Elegance

I think that so many of us strive on a day to day basis to be, "noticed"...And why would we not strive for that? Not only is it a desire, but a basic human instinct. 
However, there is another point to be be noticed, is to receive a short amount of attention from someone else, while to be "remembered" requires a much more selfless act towards another human being. To be REMEMBERED we must NOTICE someone else. And in the long run we end up being a lot more happy. It is that simple. Focus on remembering others and noticing someone else. And there you have it...Elegance.
May your Sunday be full of sunshine:)
PS...I am terribly sorry for my bad blogger etiquette has been kicking my bum! Posts for DIY to come this week I promise!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Sunshine: Make Do and Mend

Sometimes things happen in life and it hurts.But as life would have it, there is still something wonderfully beautiful wrapped inside. And that is the ability to mend. We all have it within ourselves, that innate ability to tie up our burdens and put a bow on top of it all. From personal experience I have learned that is much easier to do with the Savior then on your own. So today's message is simply this, however you do it...make do and mend. May your Sunday be full of sunshine:)