Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Sunshine: Fly in my Cookie

I went to my new favorite place this weekend... "Smart Cookie" where you can buy ONE cookie for ONE dollar...AKA BUY 5 COOKIES FOR 5 DOLLARS...and eat them all at once. It is quite the fulfilling experience. However as pictured above...a fly flew straight into my cookie. So naturally, I decided to write about such an interesting event. 
We all essentially have a "fly in our cookie" some peoples flies are a bigger then others, some you can't even see on the surface.  But either way, there is always going to be a fly. So no matter what we should just enjoy the cookie anyway. Is anyone understanding my metaphor? 
If not here is the debriefing: we all have trials, they are all different, but thats ok because we are all in the same boat, but in this case "cookie". Love your cookie because it's yours, and when you start feeling bad for yourself take a bight of the person next to yours cookie and I assure you you will want your cookie back. 
And with that...I am of to San Fran land. Will I be posting? I haven't a clue. Will I enjoy my cookie? Dang straight.

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