Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hot Hot Hot

Shirt: TJ. Max/ Shorts: J. crew/ Necklace: J. crew/ Shoes: Old Navy (sale)

There are many little lovelies about July. You eat hot dogs, watch fireworks, sit in the pool and completely destroy your hair all day, and tan your poor body all day. But one of my favorite things about July is the fact the you can wear red, white, and blue and be totally fine on the fashion radar!
I recently got this shirt on sale from TJ. Max and am soooo happy I did! It is super light and lets the wind blow right up it...which is always a nice touch on those hot summer days. Here I come 99 degrees! WAHOOOOO. Yay for air conditioning and randomly opening my refrigerator door to combat my July "hot flashes". May your July 10th be...HOT HOT HOT!

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