Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Classy Banana Friend: Lulu style

Look AT THAT LEG MUSCLE!!!!! It must be the lulu lemon 

Let me tell you about Hannah. We met. She liked clothes. I liked clothes. We both had banana suits. Dear me...it must be fate!!! I love this girl and she has some great advice for us on how to shop the most ever (but expensivvvvvve) precious Lululemon! Take it away Han...

My friends that know me well know of my obsession with lululemon athletica. They also know how ridiculously expensive it is, however, I tend to splurge. There is most definitely an art form to buying lulu, a way in which you can get the really great stuff at a really great price, it is all about working the system. Here are a few tips to try if you have a craving for cute workout gear: 

1. Lulu has a sale section called "We Made Too Much" in which everything is  30% off or more! Take advantage of this section. It is updated every Tuesday. 

2. Lulu stores will randomly mark down items they have that may not be marked down online. Check the sale rack at your local store!! Sometimes they shove the sale rack in a corner but once you find it you will have hit the jackpot.

3. Sometimes you just have to be willing to splurge. The shirt in this picture was a splurge. I don't even want to admit the price because it is a lot but you have to understand what you're paying for. This shirt known as the "swiftly tech" is designed with the most fantastic, breathable fabric I have ever worn. I can wear this when I work out or just because I want to be comfortable. 

4. Save up for the stuff you want most. I have always wanted one of Lulu's "in stride" jackets but couldn't bear the thought of spending over $100 for one! Sure enough, went to the store last week and this blue beauty caught my on. On sale for more than 35% off I was sold and so happy that I waited instead of just splurging right away! 

Hope this helps when purchasing Lulu. Sometimes a girl just needs a cute pair of work out shorts and a comfy jacket for "one of those days". Pamper yourself and buy. the. jacket. Chances are when you're cuddling up in that warm luon fabric, you won't be regretting your decision. 

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