Monday, August 6, 2012

DIY: Bright Idea

                                  BEFORE         AFTER

 When you go to this thing called "college" you apparently must have a lamp of sorts. With funding low, I went to Home Again consignment, where I had a 40.00 dollar credit from selling furniture there previously. It was there I found my grandma lamp. Can't you see your 80 year old grandma sipping tea by this lamp? Cause I could. I bought it because of the fabulous and unique base that I knew I could turn into something really fun.
I purchased the lamp for 20.00 dollars, but with my credit it cost me nothing. Between spray paint (3.00) and a new, much more simple and modern shade (6.00) this little lady only cost me 9 DOLLA!!! HOLA!!! 
I highly recommend thrifting for lamps, I have found that most times vintage lamps have the best and most unique bases for the best price. It is also important to remember while thrifting that it's all about the potential of an item, not it's current state! I hope I have given you a "bright" idea this monday morn! 

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