Saturday, June 2, 2012

The deadly genetics of a young fashionista

HELLO BLOGGER PEOPLE! I am so excited to put my foot into the wonderful world of bloggers. So here I go.
Today I wanted to start out with a little bit of how this all came to be. 
As a young girl my momma taught me right. I was dressed perfectly (though looking at the pictures now I look like a 90's baby fool) but to give the woman some credit, she did good. I can remember watching her put on lipstick and blow dry her hair with the perfect outfit to match. And like any other 5 year old, I set out on the quest to become just like my mother.
And this is what I learned:

1.) A good pose can make any outfit look good. (Though I will give credit to this lovely sued ensemble for Nordy's added a nice touch.)

2.) Accessories are key to any quality outfit choice. It's the butter to my roll!
3.) A good dress can go a long way. This dress went to more nutcrackers, church services and dress up parties then known to man.

And this is just the start of it all. May the force be with both you and me.


  1. i definitely just read through all your posts. you crack me up mallory. yes you do. love your blog :)

  2. Thanks Ali:) I freakin love your blog! Little Henry is just precious! Keep the updates going so I can keep hearing about that cute little man!