Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Sunshine: Elegance

I think that so many of us strive on a day to day basis to be, "noticed"...And why would we not strive for that? Not only is it a desire, but a basic human instinct. 
However, there is another point to be be noticed, is to receive a short amount of attention from someone else, while to be "remembered" requires a much more selfless act towards another human being. To be REMEMBERED we must NOTICE someone else. And in the long run we end up being a lot more happy. It is that simple. Focus on remembering others and noticing someone else. And there you have it...Elegance.
May your Sunday be full of sunshine:)
PS...I am terribly sorry for my bad blogger etiquette has been kicking my bum! Posts for DIY to come this week I promise!

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